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If you have explored Indian cuisine, then you surely know it varies as per place, people and season. During the summers, we prefer foods that are light, comforting and easy on stomach. On the contrary, winter calls for everything greasy and decadent. And we get to see it well on our breakfast platter. During the summers, we choose chaas, poha and dishes that are light and wholesome; whereas, winter is all about paratha, makhkhan and achar. Much agreeable? Now, we agree paratha makes for a popular breakfast choice for all. But if you dive deep into Indian breakfast dishes, you will find several other signature winter delicacies that will leave you wanting for more. One such instance is besan roti.  Quintessentially referred to as jadi roti, it is made of atta and besan and has an earthy flavour to it. It is a Rajasthani dish and is also called moti roti or biscuit roti. You might wonder, why is it called such? Let us explain it you to. This roti is prepared on ‘mitti ka chulha’, that too directly on flame, which makes it thicker and harder than the usual ones. And yes, you can get an amazing smokey flavor from the roti. The best part is, the roasting process helps keep up the nutrients of the dish, making it a great option for overall health. Moti roti tastes the best when served hot, with dollops of ghee and gud by the side. You can also pair it with sabzis of your choice for a wholesome breakfast meal. Considering the popularity, we bring you a moti roti recipe that can be prepared on our usual gas stove. Let’s take a look: (Also Read: 5 Ways To Make Roti Even More Nutritious)You can pair besan roti with any Rajasthani dish. Besan Roti Recipe: How To Make Moti Roti: To make Rajasthani moti roti, we need besan, atta, salt, ajwain, hing, chilli powder and of course, enough ghee. First, knead a firm dough with all the ingredients and roll out a thick roti. Then heat a griddle and toast the roti until the upper crust gets well cooked. Once done, pinch the surface of the roti and cook it thoroughly on direct flame. Smear ghee on the roti and serve hot. Click here for the detailed recipe.Try this quintessential Rajasthani dish for your next breakfast meal and let us know how you liked it.   Featured Video Of The DayEgg Tawa Masala Recipe | How To Make Egg Tawa Masala

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