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Winter Diet: 7 Ginger-Based Recipes To Boost Immunity This Winter 1
Just like any other season, the winter season comes with a host of infections and health issues too. We face a range of diseases like cold, cough, sore throat, fever and more. To combat it, health experts suggest altering our diet and including more foods that help boost immunity. When it comes to natural immunity boosters, ginger is the first food that comes to mind. Ginger has numerous medicinal properties and health benefits. It helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation and nausea, and keeps throat infections at bay. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’, ginger contains active compounds that can help with morning sickness and nausea. With so many benefits to ginger, we’ve compiled a list of ginger-based recipes to add to your winter diet. These recipes may assist you in fighting the common cold and cough and boosting your immunity. So, what are you waiting for? With these recipes, it’s time to say goodbye to respiratory infections. Take a look below.Also Read: 9 Incredible Uses And Health Benefits Of Ginger – From Digestion To Flu And ColdHere’re 7 Ginger-Based Recipes To Boost Immunity This Winter1. Ginger (Adrak) BarfiLet’s begin with a recipe that is both delicious and nutritious. It’s known as Adrak barfi. You’ll love this barfi just as much as you’ll love other traditional festive sweets. Please give this recipe a try so you can enjoy the upcoming celebrations in good health. Click here for Ginger (Adrak) Barfi recipe.2. Ginger Green Chilli TeaThis combination may appear strange to you, but trust us when we say it is extremely effective. If you dislike bland foods and drinks and prefer to spice them up, this vibrant ginger green chilli tea is meant for you. Click here for Ginger Green Chilli Tea recipe.3. Ginger Garlic SoupFollowing that, we have a soup that is ideal for relieving congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and other symptoms. Once you’ve tried it, this soup will become your favourite dish and home remedy for all seasonal illnesses. The best part? It’s very simple to make and contains two potent foods that are known to effectively combat cold and cough. Click here for Ginger Garlic Soup recipe.Photo Credit: iStock4. Ginger And Honey CandiesHere’s another ginger-based recipe to help you prevent the seasonal flu. Winter sickness might be cured with ginger and honey candies. As well as keeping you warm, honey and ginger also give your body the nutrients it needs. Click here for Ginger And Honey Candies recipe.5. Ginger-MilkWhile ‘adrak wali chai’ is a popular winter beverage, here’s a ginger-based drink that’s great for kids and those who don’t like tea. It’s known as ginger milk or adrak wali doodh. Click here for Ginger-Milk recipe.6. Allam Pachadi (South Indian-Style Ginger Chutney)For the uninitiated, allam is ginger and pachadi is a pickle. So, here’s a dish from Andhra Pradesh that makes a worthy stand-alone side dish to elevate your meal as well as boost your immunity. It is called allam pachadi. Click here for Allam Pachadi recipe.7. Ale PakAle pak, Maharashtra’s ginger candy, is a delicious recipe to boost immunity. It’s a winter sweet with a punchy and spicy hit. To prepare this, all you need are some basic ingredients like ginger (of course), milk, sugar and ghee. Click here for Ale Pak recipe.So, what are you waiting for? Add these recipes to your winter diet and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below. For more health-related articles, click here!Featured Video Of The DayBest Pakoda Recipes | Easy Recipes by NDTV Food

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