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Locals rescuing two persons in the car in Chikkamagaluru district.Bengaluru: Locals broke the windshield and pulled out two persons just in time as a car was washed away after a breach in Ayyanakere Lake in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka today.The lake, largest in the district and the second largest in Karnataka, overran its banks after constant rain in the Baba Budan Range of hills. Roads were flooded when some residents spotted the hatchback being washed away, with two people trapped inside. The car doors were jammed due to the water pressure as it was stuck on a descent with its bonnet just above the water level.One of the local men — holding a rope tied to an earthmover — smashed the windshield with what looked like a metal tool to get them out. The video went viral. More details were not immediately available.Rain continued to batter several areas of the state amid forecast for more, particularly in the interiors of the state, besides isolated showers over the coastal districts.

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