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The video garnered over 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments.A Carnatic rendition of Harry Styles’ popular song As It Was is acquiring popularity on social media. Shared on Instagram, the video opens to show the singer named Hrishi in the frame in front of a microphone. He starts the song with the original version of As It Was sung by Harry Styles. Seconds into the song, he then smoothly transitions to the Carnatic version. Watch the video below: As It Was is part of Harry Styles’ album “Harry’s House” and was released earlier this year. This specific Instagram video, on the other hand, has taken the internet by storm. Since being shared, it has garnered more than 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments.One user wrote, “Omgggg you’re BEYOND TALENTED!!” Another said, “I will never get sick of this, SOOO good!!!” A third user joking said, “this song is not the same as it was after listening to your remix,” while a fourth wrote, “I got goosebumps….just amazing…”Viral Video | Karnataka Man Celebrates Pet Dog’s Birthday With 100Kg Cake And 4,000 GuestsMr Hrishi has over 79,000 followers on Instagram. His bio says that while he hails from Tamil Nadu, India, he was brought up in DC, United States. Meanwhile, another rendition video went viral a while back. A Kashmiri artist released an instrumental version of the song Pasoori on a Kashmiri Rabab. The viral video was shared by Sufiyan Malik on Instagram. It garnered around two lakh views and thousands of likes and comments. A Dutch singer had also won hearts on the internet by singing the same catchy song with much enthusiasm and gusto. Emma Heesters, who is known for making covers of popular Indian songs, shared the cover of Pasoori on social media, which people evidently adored.Click for more trending news

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