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The video has amassed more than 28,000 views on TwitterAnimal videos are the most engaging and fascinating on social media. Now, a wholesome video of a squirrel’s playful interaction with a family is going on the internet. Posted on November 30 by Gabriele Corno on Twitter, shows a family’s encounter with an adorable squirrel. A playful squirrel can be seen climbing a baby pram as the toddler watches with excitement. The cute little animal can be seen cheerfully jumping from one end to the other.Further in the video, the squirrel climbs on the woman and seconds later on the person who was filming the clip. The animal then tries to fit in his jacket’s pockets. The squirrel then peeks in from the tiny pockets in the adorable clip. The caption of the video reads, “At the park (wait for it).” The small interaction of the squirrel with a family is winning hearts on the internet.Watch the video:At park( wait for it )— Gabriele Corno (@Gabriele_Corno) November 30, 2022The video has amassed more than 28,000 views on Twitter and has sent the internet into a meltdown. A social media user enquired about what kind of squirrel is it. To which a user wrote, “I think it’s an Abert’s Squirrel.” Another user wrote, “Looks like this squirrel is looking for a treat (and maybe used to getting fed by humans). The squirrel is adorable, but it’s not a great idea to encourage a wild animal to approach humans who may harm it (or vice versa)!””A really curious squirrel could have been a fun pet if it left the electric wires in peace,” a user commented. “Cheeky Squirrel – wonderful interaction wild little critter and family,” the fourth commented.”Ooooh I love squirrels, but they never jump in my pocket,” the fifth expressed.Meanwhile, a video of a pet marmot in which the rodent reacted curiously and asked the owner to resume petting is going viral on the internet.A marmot is shown relaxing and being caressed by its owner at the beginning of the 18-second clip. The ground squirrel’s pet owner gradually stops patting it. The rodent reacts quickly and then displays surprise. It requests that the owner resume petting and performs the action with its right hand. In response to the cute desire, the owner resumes patting the marmot, giving it newfound happiness. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayAs Gujarat Votes, A Special Booth For India’s “Mini-African Village”

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