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But, Where Are My Favorites?

As you begin reading this article and looking at the photographs, I would bet that you have dozens of questions, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • “Where is Angelina Jolie’s picture?”
  • “Isn’t Scarlett Johannsen considered one of the most beautiful women alive?”
  • “Halle Berry’s gorgeous. Where is she?”
  • “Taylor Swift is beautiful, but you didn’t include her picture!”
  • “Didn’t you forget Shakira and Carrie Underwood?”
  • “Why haven’t you included a photo of Charlize Theron?”
  • “I love Beyonce, and she’s beautiful, but why isn’t she pictured?”

But, remember, this is a big world we live in, and just because you regularly see women in movies and music videos doesn’t necessarily make them the most beautiful woman in the world. There’s no denying that the women listed above are beautiful and if they are at the top of your beauty list, I hope you’ll take the poll at the bottom of this article and cast your vote in their direction.

If you need to see a photograph of any of the famous movie stars or singers that I have mentioned above to refresh your memory, you need only to type their first name into a search engine and thousands of photos will appear. My bet is that in the case of the photographs shown here, you may have never heard of many of these women.

But, let’s find out!

There Are Beautiful Women Around the World

Stunningly gorgeous women are found in every country in the world. If a country is not represented in this article, it’s only because there are 195 countries and each of them has many gorgeous women. We only selected a few, but urge you to leave comments about photos of the ones that we weren’t fortunate enough to run across.

Many women start out as sports stars, lawyers, teachers and other professions but their beauty opens the door to modeling, acting and other jobs that make them more visible, so we found it extremely hard to find photographs of gorgeous women who were not models or actresses and would welcome your comments and suggestions for the inclusion of some not-so-famous beauties.

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