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Tara Sutaria’s foodie tales are worth keeping an eye for. Right now, she is in Jaisalmer, shooting for her upcoming film Apurva. So, what’s the latest update from there? Her culinary adventure, obviously. Even though Tara is busy with work, nothing can stop the actress from satiating her foodie side. And so, when it was freezing in Jaisalmer while shooting at night, a popular snack came to her rescue. Can you guess what it was? Tara gorged on sumptuous Maggi. The actress accepted that this comfort food brought some “solace” to her during night shoots. For the caption, she expressed, “Some solace during night shoots in freezing Jaisalmer…” She also used the hashtag “Apurva.”If you wish to binge on Maggi right away, we have some interesting recipes in store for you. Why stick to the usual style of cooking Maggi when you can experiment and savour it in various delectable ways?1) Street-Style Cheese MaggiHave you ever tried street-style spicy Maggi? Well, this drool-worthy recipe is your stop. It will leave you craving for more. Don’t forget to top it with lots of cheese. Find the recipe here.2) Punjabi Tadka MaggiWe are sure this recipe will make you drool. Brimming with flavours of butter and burnt garlic, this Maggi gives you a chance to add a desi twist to your recipe. Just cook it with finely chopped vegetables. Top it off with a yummy tadka and it’ll taste amazing. Click here for the recipe.3) Makhni MaggiNow whenever you crave Maggi, try out this mouth-watering recipe. It’s basically a wonderful blend of Maggi tastemaker and tomato-based creamy gravy. Yes, you also put spices and vegetables into the recipe to make it interesting. Do check this space for the recipe.4) Maggi BhelOh yes, this dish exists! Coarsely crush the Maggi and heat it in some oil in a pan. Make a preparation of chopped vegetables and spices. Put it on the Maggi and garnish it with sev, pomegranate seeds and coriander leaves. You’ll find the recipe here.5) Maggi ManchurianYes, you read that right. It’s possible to make some finger-licking Manchurian with Maggi. This recipe hardly takes about fifteen minutes to get ready. Maggi Manchurian is crunchy and tasty. Find the recipe here. We love how Tara Sutaria often sends us drooling with her food diaries.  Featured Video Of The Day

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