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Raghav Chadha is handling the arrangements for Bhagwant Mann’s wedding.Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is getting married to Dr Gurpreet Kaur in Chandigarh today. Now what remains a bigger cause of curiosity in the Aam Aadmi Party camp is when their Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha will tie the knot.Mr Chadha said a lot of people have been asking him about his wedding and that he will inform when he decides to get married.A subtle indication on the topic came from the Punjab MP yesterday.”Chhote da number vadde ton baad hi aunda hai (younger ones are in line after their elders),” he said in a tweet after a user referred to him as the “most eligible bachelor in AAP”.He explained it further while speaking to NDTV: “In traditional Indian families, the elders in the family get married first and the younger ones follow. So once the elders are done with this, then of course, the younger ones will also follow.”Mr Chadha, who is handling the arrangements for Mr Mann’s wedding, referred to the Chief Minister as his “elder brother”.Speaking about Mr Mann’s wedding, he said it will be a private function to be attended only by the close family members from both sides besides a handful of party members. Delhi Chief Minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and will also attend the ceremony.The bride, Dr Kaur, had actively participated in AAP’s campaign, including one for him too, Mr Chadha said.

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