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            As all of us know well about the fire in Australia’s forest but perhaps you would never know about the cause of the fire and the cause of its quick to spread. We are talking about this fire because this fire was the biggest problem for Australia in those days. As it caused many deaths and made harmful circumstances for Australia. This fire caused approximately 26 deaths and half a billion animals perished. Thousands of people were shifted by the government to other safe places and because of this fire Australia experienced the hottest day in history.

Cause of Fire


             These bushfires could be originated by both: different people’s activities and because of nature. So, let’s discuss both factors:



          Australia was experiencing this bushfire since September 2019 and it lasted many days. Actually it started on January 6 when it was announced that police had arrested 24people because these people were responsible for fire as they intentionally started it one of Australia’s states named South Wales.

           Later on, NSW’s police taken action on 183 people there. From them, 40 were young people and they were taken under action because they have involved in the fire-related offense since 8 November.


          During summers or warm days, hotness, dry air blows, which causes any fire to be spread over because of natural lightning producing a small flame. So, this could also be the cause of Australian’s fire to be spread or to have happened. When we are talking about natural causes of fire, it clears us the fact that when there was extreme heat in those bushfire’s days, strong blowing wind caused it to be spread around and this spread made it difficult for Australia’s firefighters to get rid of this horrible situation. Moreover, some people are also blaming the record-breaking heatwaves for the spreading of fire.

Cause of its Quick spread:

           This fire spread very quickly because of many reasons but two main reasons were, speed of hot air and temperature. These two factors affected fire to spread quickly. A combination of high temperature and intense air made this fire to spread around everywhere. The air of Australia in those summer days was the main reason for spreading fire. The direction of this wind affected those areas of Australia which were experiencing a fire. Later on, thunderstorms affected fire which was hot and also dry.

          This fire burnt approximately 27 million areas of Australia which is larger than the size of Portugal and 14 times more than the area that burnt in California 2018, it was the state’s most destructive year of wildlife. This fire caused the death of 1.25 billion animals. This is a large number for any country. Moreover, the most worth areas affected by this fire are South Wales and Victoria. Another problem made by this fire is smoke. Smoke made the air and water polluted and caused many problems for the country. The fire also affected the ecosystem and caused the ecosystem to be worst taken for all people of the country.

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