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Weight Loss: Try This Dal Palak Shorba This Winter Season To Shed Extra Kilos 1
For centuries, dal has been an essential component of an Indian diet. It is nourishing, healthy, inexpensive and power-packed with protein. Not only this, dal is extremely versatile and you’ll find plenty of regional variations in every corner of the country. Dal, when paired with sabzi, pickle, roti or rice, makes for a wholesome and delicious meal. A hearty bowl of dal is known to have several health benefits, which is why experts often recommended to include it in your diet. Considering this, here we bring you a delicious dal palak shorba recipe that may help you shed extra kilos during the winter season.  Also read: High Protein Diet: This Chicken Nimbu Dhaniya Shorba Is Sure To Fire Up Your SpreadShorba is a kind of soup that originated in the Middle East. It has now gained popularity all over the world. This dal palak shorba is thinner in consistency as compared to soup and is ideal for those who are on a weight loss journey. A warm and comforting dish, the shorba comes with the goodness of lentils, spinach, ginger-garlic and flavourful spices. Season it with fresh cream and a generous squeeze of lime. Check out the recipe below: Dal Palak Shorba Recipe: How To Make Dal Palak Shorba To begin with, soak moong dal and tur dal (pigeon pea) in water for a couple of hours. After they have been soaked well, pressure cook them with spinach leaves in 4 cups of water. Make a paste and leave aside. Heat oil in a pan. Once done, add cumin seeds till they splutter. Then add finely chopped ginger and garlic. Saute them till the raw aroma goes away. When they are slightly browned, add garam masala, turmeric powder, chopped chillies and a pinch of asafoetida. Fry this mixture on low flame and then add the dal and spinach paste. You can add some water to adjust the consistency. Add thick cream to the simmering dal, season with salt and lemon juice. Dal palak shorba is ready! For the complete recipe of dal palak shorba, click here. Try this recipe at home and let us know how you all liked its taste in the comments section below.  Featured Video Of The Day

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