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Let’s agree, we all struggle to lose weight at some point in time, especially in the winter season. From yoga and workout to fad diets, we have tried it all, haven’t we? Some have worked well for us, while others could not give us the desired results. But one thing that we learnt in the process is keeping up a healthy diet. It is important to eat healthy food at the right time and in the right amount. And what may help in achieving the weight loss goals is a healthy detox drink. Various health experts suggest including detox drinks in our diet to rev the weight loss process. But which detox tea to take and which one to avoid is the real question. All detox drinks and teas have their benefits – but the one that facilitates weight loss is what we need. Fret not, we have a wide range of detox drink recipes that are made using spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables and may help you in weight loss. One such detox drink for weight loss is turmeric-black pepper tea. But before we get into the recipe, let’s learn how turmeric and black pepper can help in weight loss.Also Read: Winter Detox Diet: 9 Winter Detox Drinks That May Help Boost MetabolismPhoto Credit: iStockWhat Is Turmeric and Black Pepper Tea Good For? | Why Turmeric-Black Pepper Is a Powerful Combination?Health Benefits Of Turmeric-Black Pepper Tea For Weight Loss:Turmeric is loaded with several health benefitting properties including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibres etc that help us digest and promote metabolism.Turmeric is also loaded with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-microbial and thermogenic properties that flush out toxins, further promoting weight loss.Black pepper contains piperine – a compound that boosts digestion and metabolic performance, further reducing fat accumulation in the body.Black pepper also helps in the absorption of nutrients in the body, further promoting overall health.Also Read: ABC Detox Drink: Why Apple, Beetroot and Carrot is a Great CombinationHow To Make Turmeric-Black Pepper Tea For Weight LossConsidering the above benefits, we bring herbal tea options that will not only help shed extra kilos but also strengthen immunity. This turmeric-black pepper tea is easy to make and can be consumed early in the morning.Method:Boil one cup of water in a saucepan.When the water boils, add one tsp black pepper and one tsp turmeric powder to it.Switch off the flame and close the lid.Let it steep for three-four minutes.Strain in a cup and take a sip.You can also add a dash of honey to it to keep yourself warm during the winter season.Now that you have the recipe handy, we suggest including it in your diet this winter and enjoying overall health. However, we suggest, always consult a nutritionist before including any detox drink in your diet.Meanwhile, here are a few more detox drink options for you.Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.Featured Video Of The DaySouth Indian Style Ginger Chutney Recipe | How To Make South Indian Style Ginger ChutneyAbout Somdatta SahaExplorer- this is what Somdatta likes to call herself. Be it in terms of food, people or places, all she craves for is to know the unknown. A simple aglio olio pasta or daal-chawal and a good movie can make her day.

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