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Rahul Gandhi is destroying his own party, how can he talk about destroying, Giriraj Singh said.New Delhi: Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Monday lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his allegations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi spends crores to destroy him. “The man who is destroying his own party, how can he talk about destroying,” the BJP Minister said.The Union Minister also said that the government doesn’t have any hatred for the Muslim community, but the radical hardliners spread hate in society.”I have visited villages where Pasmanda Muslims perform Chhath Puja. I have said again and again that we don’t have any hate towards Muslims. It is the hardliners who spread venom in society. People like Owaisi are dangerous for the country,” he said.He also said that the ‘mahagathbandhan’ in Bihar only does vote bank politics.”The parties which are in ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in Bihar today only do vote bank politics and only care for the Muslim votes,” he added.Earlier on Sunday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh stressed the need to implement the Population Control Bill irrespective of their religion or the section of society they belong to and termed the implementation of this bill ‘crucial’ citing the availability of limited resources.”The Population Control Bill is crucial as we have limited resources. China implemented ‘one child policy’ to control the population and thus achieved development,” Giriraj Singh said.He further remarked on the country’s competence with China with a pattern where China has 10 children born per minute and India 30 thirty per minute.”China has 10 children born per minute while India has 30 children born a minute, how will we compete with China?” Singh said.He added, “Population Control Bill is necessary. Reports say that the country – China – whose GDP was lesser than India in 1978, adopted the ‘one child policy’ and attained development by controlling almost 60 crore population.”He further added that the bill should be implemented for everyone regardless of their belief and religion.”Those who do not follow this law should not be given any government benefits. Their voting rights should also be taken back,” he added.Featured Video Of The DayHistoric Uprising In China, First Ever Since Tiananmen Protests

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