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The thread rolls were detected during the scan of a baggage at the airport.New Delhi: US dollars worth Rs 42.25 lakh was found hidden inside plastic thread rolls at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. The personnel of the Central Industrial Force were seen cutting open the tape used to secure one of the rolls and unrolling the notes.A passenger who used the ingenious technique to hide the huge amount cash, for which he didn’t have any valid documents to produce, was handed over to the custom officials.The thread rolls were detected during the scan of his baggage at the airport.”On enquiry, he could not produce valid documents to carry such huge amount of foreign currency. The passenger along with the detected 52,800 US dollars worth approximately INR 42.25 lakh was handed over to custom officials for further action in the matter,”an official said.The passenger was kept under close watch through physical and electronic measures after some officials at the airport found his behaviour suspicious.On checking of his green colour trolly bag through X-BIS machine, some “plastic thread Rolls” with foreign currency was noticed.$52,800 (approximately Rs 42.25 lakh) were detected after a thorough checking of his bag.

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