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Watch: Onboard Camera Shows Glider Crashing Into House Just After Take-Off 1
The joyride glider that crashed into a house in Jharkhand’s DhanbadPatna: A joyride glider slammed into a residential building just after taking off in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district, injuring the pilot and a 14-year-old passenger. Both have been hospitalised in a serious condition, officials said.The glider took off from Barwadda airstrip in Dhanbad and crashed into the house some 500 metres. Officials said a technical snag may have led to the incident, but the reason would be known only after a proper investigation.Visuals of the crash site shows the glider’s cockpit smashed in by a concrete pillar of the house. The area where the pilot and the passenger would have sat is wedged between the pillar.Nilesh Kumar, who owns the house where the glider fell, said no one in his family was injured. His two children who were playing inside the house had a narrow escape, he added.VIDEO: #Jharkhand में धनबाद एयरपोर्ट से उड़ान भरते ही क्रैश हुआ ग्लाइडर, घर पर आकर गिरा; 2 लोग घायल— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) March 23, 2023The injured passenger is a resident of Patna. He came to Dhanbad to his uncle’s home and decided to take a glider ride to see the city from the air. The service is run by a private agency. Only two people, the pilot and a passenger, are allowed in this glider service.This glider service was started for the people of Dhanbad to enjoy watching the city from the air for recreation. The aerial tour of the city has been stopped for now after the incident.

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