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Watch: Mother Elephant Teaches Her Baby How To Get Down Slope, Calf Fails Hilariously 1
The mother elephant is trying to teach her young calf how to get down a muddy slope.Elephant calves are notoriously clumsy, and adorably so. For the first few days of their lives, their eyesight, coordination, and balance are a little off and they are mostly dependent on their mothers for everything. In turn, an elephant mom is very nurturing and protective of her offspring, especially in the earliest stages of their lives. Elephant moms are there for their babies every step of the way and teach them to navigate through tricky situations. Demonstrating the same, an old video of a mother elephant teaching her baby how to slide down a slope has resurfaced on Twitter and has garnered a whopping 12 million views.The adorable moment has been shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden, which regularly posts funny and cute animal videos, with a caption that says, ”Mother: This is the last time I show you how to go down.. Son:”Watch the video here:Mother: This is the last time I show you how to go— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) December 31, 2022In the video, the mother elephant is trying to teach her young calf how to get down a muddy slope. In order to instruct the calf, she first demonstrates the process. The jumbo first slowly stretches the rear legs backward and steps down the muddy slope on the front legs. She then drags the rear legs toward the front and comfortably steps down. However, when the calf tries to repeat the process, it falls down head first with his feet in the air. The moment is too funny to miss.Apart from 12 million views, the video has received more than 27,000 likes, and more than 3330 retweets. Internet users loved the adorable video and posted a variety of comments. One user wrote, ”I give him points for at least attempting her technique.”Another said, ”Mother elephant: Teaches complex physiological movements to her baby for the purpose of safely traversing terrain. The baby: FLOMP.” A third commented, ”As usual, the child’s way is more chaotic, BUT also more fun!” A fourth added, ”That was so cute and hilarious at the same time.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayBJP Jumpstarts Mission Election: Can Opposition Catch Up?

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