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Picture shows the man asking his little son to try doing push-ups.Children performing adorable antics are delightful to watch. Raising a child is more than a task, all parents can agree on that. Along with taking care of the little ones, they also have to teach them life lessons. A video going viral on social media shows a man teaching his six-month-old son how to do push-ups.The video, shared by a user named Joshua Terada on Instagram on August 15, is going viral now. “My spud is a stud,” he wrote while sharing the video.”Teaching my 6/mo son how to do his first push-up,” reads the text super on the video.The viral clip begins with the man doing push-ups on bed and asking his little son to try doing it. The toddler keenly observes his father doing the exercise and starts rubbing his stomach on the bed.As the video progresses, the little boy can be seen attempting to get up on his own with the support of both hands and his father cheers him up for doing this.”I’m proud so proud of being your dad stud,” reads the text super on the video later.The video has received around 6.9 lakh views and over 1.9 lakh likes since being shared on Instagram. Users have praised the little boy’s skills giving heartfelt remarks in the comment section of the post.One user wrote, “THIS IS SO ADORABLE. So happy for you guys.”A second user simply said, “Those rolls on his hands.””Noooo. Those rolls are cute. Keep em,” commented a third user. Click for more trending news

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