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The video has accumulated around 40,000 views so far.The internet is filled with hilarious videos and now one such clip showing a man having a great fall after being chased by cattle is doing rounds online. The video was shared by Viral Hog and it has accumulated around 40,000 views so far. The short clip opens to show a man, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, taking a stroll around a meadow while cattle were grazing in the field. Moments later, the animals were seen chasing the man as he ran from the spot in an attempt to escape. The man tumbled in the field quite a few times before he hilariously slipped and fell into a pond. In between all of this, a little dog was also seen running along with the person. At the end of the clip, the man stepped out of the pond and didn’t seem injured. Rather, he was seen hilariously laughing and looking for his slippers in the water. Viral Video | Russian Stuntman Flies Through Car, Internet Calls Him “Human-Bullet”The video was shot in Brazil. “His body wanted to move faster than his feet would let him” read the caption of the Instagram post. Internet users flooded the comment section with laughing emojis. One user jokingly wrote, “Don’t play with the cows.” Another said, “You play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. Cows kill more people every year than you would even think!” A third commented, “I’ll never understand why people are so confident running in flip-flops,” while a fourth added, “When he fell in the water, I lost it lol.”Viral Video | Girl Falls Out Of Car Window In China, Driver Pulls AwayMeanwhile, in another incident, a video of a man nearly escaping a major accident surfaced online on Wednesday. The short clip showed a footpath cracking open just as the man walked over it. His expression at the end of the video was enough to describe what could have gone horribly wrong. Click for more trending news

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