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Picture shows a vendor picking up golgappas from a busy road.A video circulating online shows a vendor picking up golgappas, which are strewn on a road. People are seen walking by the vendor, but none of them stop to help him in any way.Shared by a user named Ankit on Instagram on July 25, the caption reads, “I was driving car and saw this man whose golgappa/paanipuri/phuchka packet fell on road. Slowed down a bit. Wanted to stop but there were a lot of cars behind me that started honking, so had to move ahead. Life is tough when you have to struggle hard to earn money, and then you face such challenges.”While sharing the now-viral video, the Instagram user also talked about the reason behind capturing the it: “Objective of this reel is to show the struggles and to encourage everyone to support such small vendors. It’s not about picking golgappas one day but about supporting them throughout the year by buying things from them. The last two years already have broken their back because of low business, and they are now coming back to their own through hard work. I hope seeing this video makes you realise how difficult their lives are as compared to large high-end cafes and restaurants.””Remember that a 10 rupees chai or a Samosa or buying a bunch of balloons can make a difference to someone’s life and living,” he added.The video has amassed over 11.8 million of viewers and more than 5.7 lakh likes since being shared.However, the user was trolled on social media for capturing the video instead of helping the man.”You should have helped him instead of filming it,” commented a user.Another user recalled his own experience and said, “I still remember just a few days back I was in my bus and saw that a milkman was going and, in a few minutes, he fell from his bole and his milk fell down. I still can’t do anything and was feeling so sad for him.”Click for more trending news

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