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The video has garnered more than 13 million views on Twitter.The moment an apparently drunk guest nearly burned down a wedding venue has gone viral on social media. The video has garnered more than 13 million views on Twitter. The caption of the post read, “This how drunk I’m tryna be at my wedding.” The clip begins with the unnamed man, dressed in a black suit, walking out of the venue with two sparklers in his hands, while bopping along to the 1992 hit song ‘I’m Too Sexy’. Watch the video below: This how drunk I’m tryna be at my wedding— Thomas (@ThomasMightSnap) July 2, 2022Disaster almost struck after one of the sparklers found its way onto a centrepiece and quickly went up in flames. “Ah, fire! Fire!,” other guests are heard screaming in the video while the man calmly continues to dance. Viral Video | Pet Dog Drags Stubborn Cat To Pose For Family PhotographPeople dash around in an apparent effort to find water or a fire extinguisher. However, the man fearlessly waves his arm over the blaze, knocking the burning centrepiece to the ground. He then continues to put the flames out by stomping on top of it before hilariously resuming his groove without missing a beat or a hip thrust. Since being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. The man is yet to be identified but he has already been branded as a “hero” and has also been praised for his nonchalant reaction. Viral Video | Buffalo Helps Turtle By Flipping It Over, Internet AmusedOne user jokingly wrote, “Man just saved the day and he couldn’t even celebrate in peace lol haterrrr.” Another said, “Awareness level: 0, drunkenness level: 98, fireproof superpowers: 100.” A third added, “If ‘let’s keep it going’ was a person.” “That man was having the time of his life while everybody was screaming,” wrote fourth. Click for more trending news

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