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Watch: Man Documents His Experience In First-Ever Fully Automated US McDonald's 1
A robot delivers the order at this fully-automated McDonald’s.Everything is taking a technological turn today. Following the same league, fast food giant McDonald’s also decided to experiment with the idea last year. The restaurant chain opened its first automated restaurant in Texas, United States. As seen in several videos posted on social media, the “robotic” restaurant is entirely automated and requires no human interaction to place or take orders. The entire process, from choosing your order to packing it, is automated. An internet user recently documented his experience at this high-tech eatery and his video has amazed many people on social media.The user, Aakaanksh took to Instagram to share the same, In the video, the user is seen standing outside the newly opened restaurant in Texas. He then goes inside and shows the surroundings. The restaurant lacks any seating or set-ups for eating inside as it is intended to be a “grab and go” eatery. He then places his order through a kiosk and a robot delivers the same. Later, he places another online order through a mobile application and it is delivered at the drive-thru.Watch the video below:Since being shared, the video has amassed over 16,000 likes and seven lakh views. “What do you guys think about this?” reads the caption of the video.”No for me. Stop making everything with robotic technology, t where will all those people who work there go?? Support businesses that actually support people’s jobs not take them away! POV,” said one user.”Maybe I’ll get the right order for once,” commented a second person.A third said, “Why would anyone want to support workerless businesses?””By 2025 85 million people will be out of a job . So no I hate it . It’s bad enough these apps don’t have customer service half the time . No humans to speak to and make things right less interaction in society. Smh,” added another person.Another person added, “Beats their customer service!! They do this in other countries and it works!! Anyone ever hear about the food you eat carries energy and that’s why you feel sick or heavy after you eat at these places due to the people’s energies that work at these places going into the food you eat. Overworked and underpaid..sad but true.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayShah Rukh Khan’s Signature Pose And A Pathaan-Special Dance

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