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Video was shared by singer and radio jockey Amrutha Suresh on InstagramThey say saying goodbye is one of the hardest things in life. In this video, an Indigo flight attendant teared up while addressing the passengers on her last working day.Speaking on the public announcement system in the aircraft, she thanked each and every flier. She said she doesn’t want to leave the company but she will have to move on. The video has been shared by singer and radio jockey Amrutha Suresh on Instagram. It has got more than 3.78 lakh views and a lot of praise from Internet users.“What a beautiful send off to this beautiful lady by IndiGo. So much touched,” Ms Suresh said.The video showed the woman fighting back tears as she spoke about her time at the company. “I don’t want to go, but I have to go,” she said. “I don’t know what to say,” she said as she paused for a while and then thanked her company for taking care of their employees, “especially we girls.” “Thank you, everyone. I thank every one of you who flies with us. Because of you, we get salaries on time, or before time just like our flights,” she added. Several users, on the social media platform, have identified the flight attendant as Surabhi.“You were an amazing crew, Surabhi. more than that you are an amazing human. You are so kind and humble. You made everyone around you comfortable. I have never seen you without a smile on your face. You are so positive, keep going, all the best. I also missed flying with you, but still got a lot of beautiful memories with you,” said a user.Some recognised her from their previous journeys aboard IndiGo. One of them said, “In my journeys, I have met you several times. I love IndiGo for its punctuality and the services offered. Wishing you the best…Keep smiling, and enjoy your upcoming journey ahead.”Another said, “All the best, Surabhi. It was a pleasure knowing you. You will be missed.”“Surabhi, a very heart touching farewell speech,” read a comment.A person also underlined that she was speaking highly of her company on the last day of work. “She is a real gem, who is speaking good about the organisation while leaving which most employees don’t do. Huge respect for her,” he added.Click for more trending news

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