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The world we live in is in no way short of bizarre incidents. From mysterious global phenomena known as the “Hum” — where people claim to hear a strange low-pitched noise — to unexpected sightings of spacecraft or flashing lights in the sky, weird occurrences and sightings have caught the imagination of humans throughout history. In a similar occurrence, a couple witnessed naturally-formed ice spheres in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. The incident took place on February 6, 2021, but was shared on the YouTube channel ViralHog on January 14, 2022.In the 39-second video, we see a number of ice spheres (also known as ice balls) floating about in a waterbody. From the caption, we get to know that the couple had gone on a “hike in 2021 with another couple” when they saw the “ice formations in the water”. The caption further states, “The ice formations in the water were totally wild.” On the day, the temperature was “below zero degrees Fahrenheit, but the waves must have been preventing the crystals from latching together”. As a result, the “giant ice balls” were formed. The couple even “picked a few out of the water”.One YouTube user wrote it’s “probably the same physics that causes hail, but in the water”, and went on to explain the “meaning”, saying that it is caused when the temperature rapidly swings within a specific range.Another thought “these would be perfect for a friendly snowball fight”. A person compared the ice spheres to a “bunch of golf balls”.“Why is water so confusing sometimes?”, asked a viewer.Few of the other comments ranged from “strange”, to “creepy”, to “interesting”.Ice Spheres or ice balls take more time to melt than normal ice cubes. Now, if you are wondering what leads to their formations? Ice spheres can form when the temperature is slightly below the freezing point. It gets a ball-like shape due to the to-and-forth motion of the waves. Ice spheres are mostly seen along sloppy and shallow beaches. What has been the most bizarre phenomenon that you’ve seen or been a part of? Tell us in the comments.Click for more trending news

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