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The horrific incident was captured on the CCTV camera.A terrifying video posted on Instagram shows a large python attacking a man while he was inspecting the reptile’s cage. The python lunged toward the man’s face and bit him. It quickly wrapped itself around his body for some time in a super-tight grip.Witnessing the terrifying episode, a woman present at the scene yelled for help for the victim. Other people present at the house rushed to help the man out, but the reptile’s grip was just too powerful. They struggled for some time while the man was in the grip of the python. Due to a lack of clarity, it was not clearly visible, but the man appeared to be bleeding.Watch the video here:The video is becoming very popular on social media. On Instagram, it has received over 8000 likes and over 20,0000 views. Viewers are also posting interesting comments in the comment box.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayViral: Shah Rukh Khan Touches Amitabh Bachchan’s Feet At Film Festival

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