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Internet is one entertaining place for all. Every day, you will come across videos that will leave you hooked on to your phones and laptops for hours. Some are informative, and some leave you in splits. Then there are the viral videos that amuse us all. We recently came across one such video that made us go speechless – quite literally! The video shows a man eating his food with chopstick and guess what; that chopstick was nothing but a Barbie doll. You heard us.Shared on the Instagram handle ‘Pubity’, the video shows a dining table with a Korean spread and people sitting all around. We could see rolls, kimbap and more on the table. While all the people were seen eating their food with real chopsticks and forks, one person at the centre, used the long legs of a Barbie doll as a chopstick to eat his roll. “When there aren’t enough chopsticks for everyone,” reads the caption of the video, adding, “Barbie doll has use for grown-ups too.” Take a look at the video:Also Read: Yuck! The ‘Easiest Hack To Make Pasta’ Made The Internet Cringe; Watch The Viral VideoLooks hilarious; right? In no time, the video went viral, with people reacting to it with funny and interesting comments. The video has garnered 472k likes till now. “Style points,” wrote one. Another comment read, “The fact that no one cares and it’s so casually done.”A third comment read, “Great for Barbiecue, too.” Another person wrote, “Man of culture.”What are your thoughts on the bizarre and funny video? Do let us know in the comments below.
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