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The video has taken the internet by storm and accumulated millions of views.Gordon Ramsay was recently left confused and seemingly scared after someone made a cake resembling the 55-year-old chef closely. “What in the fondant is that?!?” the celebrity chef wrote while sharing the video. The clip opens to show a split-screen. On one side of the screen, a woman is seen making the cake. The chef’s reaction is showcased on the other side. The cake, the size of a full bust sculpture of Mr Ramsay, did resemble the 55-year-old closely. It was fully coloured and even captured his hairstyle. Watch the video below:However, the celebrity chef seemed more than a little shocked when he filmed his reaction to the video. “What’s what? No, no, oh no. what in the, no – I’m dead!” he can be heard saying. Viral Video | Karnataka Man Celebrates Pet Dog’s Birthday With 100Kg Cake And 4,000 GuestsSince being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. It has accumulated millions of views. The clip has also prompted people to post various comments, with many showcasing their reactions through laughing-out-loud emoticons.One user wrote, “I would be so mad if I spent all this time on this just for Gordon to react like this.” “LMFAO! OMG I love you, Gordon,” said another. A third user wrote, “They went too hard on the wrinkles/creases so it kinda looked like you but also an 80-year-old you.”Gordon Ramsay often shares videos on Instagram that show him reacting to the cooking of others. Recently, he even tasted some chocolate that was made by an American YouTuber and his reaction went viral on the internet. Viral Video | Mother Elephant Saves Calf From Drowning In The RiverIn another instance, a blogger named Danny Shaba created a bizarre burger patty made with meat, eggs and more. The recipe went viral and got a reaction from none other than the celebrity chef. The viral video featured Mr Ramsay’s classic and witty style of criticism. Click for more trending news

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