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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is one active celebrity on social media. Besides being a world-renowned chef, he also makes the headlines with his reactions to foods prepared by different other people. If you scroll through his Instagram handle, you will find him giving out honest and no-holds-barred reviews of recipes around the internet. Also known as ‘Gordon Roasts’, these videos have garnered him a fan following of 13.8 million on Instagram. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that his fans eagerly wait for such hilarious videos for their daily dose of entertainment.Keeping up with his tradition, Chef Gordon Ramsay recently shared another such reaction video that grabbed our attention. It was regarding someone cooking a non-vegetarian recipe with some chips and cream and several other ingredients.In the video, we could see a screen, split into two. On the right-hand side, a person is seen making some dish, with egg yolks dropped on minced meat, in a pan. Then, after adding seasoning to dish, the person covers the rest of the pan with chips and cream. It is then topped with butter, parsley and more. “Where is it going…you lost the plot,” Gordon Ramsay quipped.He further tagged comedian Nigel NG, who goes by the name Uncle Roger, and wrote, “Hey @mrnigelng [Nigel Ng] I’m definitely going to need some help with this one.” For the unversed, Uncle Roger is also famous for reviewing different recipes, with a hilarious take to it. Take a look:Also Read: Hilarious Video: Gordon Ramsay Reacts To Chef Making Stuffed Italian MeatNigel NG took no time to reply to the post. He commented, “Haiyaa Gordon, Uncle Roger is here to help.”The video grabbed the attention of several other people on Instagram, who too reacted to the video with interesting comments. “Gordon and Roger need to start a mental health live video to help all that have been traumatised by this villain. Even… If by some altered glitch in the universe, you do feel compelled to cook this, why are you making the internet watch with you,” wrote one. “The crossover we need,” another person wrote.What are your thoughts on the video? Do let us know in the comments section below.Featured Video Of The Day

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