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Watch: Football Analyst Learns Wife Is In Labour During Live Coverage, Rushes To Be By Her Side 1
Robert Griffin III and wife Grete Griffin.Robert Griffin III, an ESPN football analyst, interrupted a live feed of an American football game Fiesta Bowl on December 31 as he answered a phone call while taking part in an alternate broadcast of the game. Mr Griffin received a call towards the conclusion of the third quarter of one of ESPN’s many Fiesta Bowl broadcasts informing him that his wife, Grete Griffin, was in labour. At first, his co-hosts were sceptical of his choice to answer a call while they were talking about the game live on air.”I gotta go. My wife is going into labour! I’ll see you guys later!” Mr Griffin said on air. When the co-hosts learned this, they joined him in celebrating by joyfully hugging and cheering. The football analyst hilariously ran out of the stadium while being chased by an ESPN camera to capture the moment. Mr Griffin later posted that he took a flight home.”Made a SOUTHWEST FLIGHT to get home. HOLD ON BABY, DADDYs COMING!” he tweeted. However, the couple had to wait a little longer to meet their baby girl. He took to the microblogging website and wrote, “UPDATE!!!  Southwest got me Home in time!!!Because our baby decided it WASN’T TIME TO COME OUT YET. We are at Home and enjoying the other kind of 2023 fireworks. Baby Girl must have known that Mommy and Daddy had never spent a New Years apart. GOD KNEW where I needed to be.”Meanwhile, Ms Grete Griffin shared an Instagram story of dropping Mr Griffin to the airport. In the video, she says, “Take number two: Dropping Robert off at the airport to go to another bowl game. Hopefully this time, baby will stay in… She wanted to make a dramatic entrance to 2023 but decided not to, so, we’ll see how it goes this time around.”Also Read: Composting Of Human Bodies After Death Allowed In New YorkShe also took to Instagram to express gratitude towards her husband. Sharing a couple of pictures, she wrote in the caption,”I gave him a call in the middle of him being on live TV fully expecting to not get a hold of him but I guess when your wife is 9 months pregnant and calls you you answer the phone no matter what you’re doing huh?” Ms Grete added. “All I had to say was the word ‘labor’ and this man STOPPED CALLING A BOWL GAME and took off sprinting to the car to get to the airport and get on a 4 hour flight to make it home. I love you more than life baby and I am so beyond grateful for how you love me, care for me, and what you sacrifice for me.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Accused A BJP Member”: AAP Alleges Cover-Up After Woman Dragged By Car

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