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The video has garnered more than 2,500 views and hundreds of likes.A mesmerising drone footage showing temperature inversion in Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom has surfaced online and left social media users astounded. Taking to Instagram, drone pilot Nige Varndell shared the breathtaking visuals. The video perfectly captured the temperature inversion at the summit of Mam Tor in the Peak District. As per The Met Office, UK’s national weather service, temperature inversions, or cloud inversions, are most common in winter. It happens when warm and cold air flip upside down. So a cold layer of air is trapped under a layer of warmer air, creating a low blanket of mist and cloud on the ground. This can create a beautiful sight for people looking down from high places like hills. Watch the video below: Speaking to the BBC, Mr Varndell said that he and his partner climbed the hill at 7:30 in the morning the waited for the sun to rise. He said that he was left speechless after capturing the video. “It was absolutely spectacular,” Mr Varndell said, adding, “Moments like these are special. Mother nature has so much to offer and the Peak District has an abundance of beautiful scenery”. Meanwhile, on Instagram, netizens were spellbound by the video. “That’s bloody insane footage mate,” one user said. “What a spectacular image,” said another. Viral Video | Old Video Shows Elephant Breaking Electric Fence Using Brilliant TechniqueA third commented, “Magnifique.” A fourth added, “Wowwww! Fantastic. What a wonderful view.” The video has garnered more than 2,500 views and hundreds of likes. Meanwhile speaking of stunning video, previously a time-lapse video of a night sky had taken the internet by storm. The photographer created the video by using a star tracker with his camera. The optical device rotates the camera at the same speed as the Earth, but in the opposite direction. It has the visual effect of stabilising the sky.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Centre Trying To Create Fear Psychosis”: Trinamool Leader On Saket Gokhale Arrest

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