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The baby gets comfortable and starts enjoying herself.A child’s first vaccination shot is often not a very pleasant sight for parents. Even though the shots are essential for their long-term health, nobody enjoys witnessing their child in pain. However, some doctors can make it easy for the child and the parent. One such video is making rounds on the internet and is winning hearts of many online.The video was posted on Instagram by Dr Sayed Mujahid Husain, Consultant Pediatrician at Goodwill Children’s Clinic in Bengaluru. In the video, a baby is seen lying in the doctor’s office while the doctor makes funny noises and gestures to distract the little one. The baby gets comfortable and starts enjoying herself. Within a few seconds, the doctor gives the vaccination shot to the baby. He says “superb” as she doesn’t cry and also gives hi-five to the baby.The video was shared on November 23 and since then, it has amassed one million views and over 12 lakh likes on the social media platform.”Praying that one day i be a great doctor like you with all my hard work, inspiration from docs like you and blessings from my loved ones,” said one user.”Commendable effort,” commented a second person.Appreciating the doctor’s efforts, a third user said, “I am showing this to my uncle kids who wanna be doctor and they were so inspired and also fascinated and one of them want to become like you sirrr.. appreciating for your work hats off.”Also Read: Viral Video: Cat’s Dramatic Reaction To Smelling A Newborn Baby Will Amuse You”Its really very diffecut job and dude you do very very very well,” added another user.”How good this guy handles a syringe to baby without making it cry… Great job,” commented a user.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayVideo: Stray Dogs Seen On Madhya Pradesh Hospital Bed, Probe Ordered

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