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A cat is shown attempting to reach a wall on a street parking by first jumping on a car.The internet is full of videos funny videos of animals. And there are a few videos that we enjoy watching over and over again. Such a video is winning hearts on the internet where a cat is shown attempting to reach a wall on a street parking by first jumping on a car.At least he tried.. twice.. ????— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) July 4, 2022Shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Monday, the caption reads, “At least he tried, twice.”The video shows the cat jumping on the bonnet of a car and then on the roof. From there, it tries to scale on a wall but fails in first attempt. Not ready to give up, the kitty again follows the same routine but fails for the second time too. After this, the cat finally walks away.The viral video has received over 15.2 million views and more than 5 lakh likes on Twitter. More than 93,000 users have re-tweeted the post in just two days. They posted funny remarks in the comment area.”Go go go goooo ohhhhh nearly…. Go go go go go gooooo oh no way! Ha, I love the stylish fall,” wrote a user.While another said, “Kitty just tried to end it all with those two jumps. 7 more lives, buddy, you can do it.”A third user commented, “This wins the internet today.”Another video that went viral last month showed a cat befriending a huge rat living in its garden that it was supposed to hunt. The cat’s owner shared a video on Reddit which showed the feline in the garden hugging the rodent, and licking it clean like a child.Click for more trending news

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