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Delhi AAP MLA Rohit Mehraulia is visiting the lanes of east Delhi’s Trilokpuri to spread his message.New Delhi: Everyone is trying to do their bit to make sure coronavirus does not haunt a nation still trying to recover from the devastating second wave. A public representative has now started a street-style campaign with guitars and djembe, the African drum, to raise awareness about it and remove hesitancy against vaccination. Delhi AAP MLA Rohit Mehraulia’s band is visiting the lanes of east Delhi’s Trilokpuri and singing a catchy number — Eena Meena Deeka, Lagwao Bhai Teeka — to ask residents of the area to get vaccinated and beat the deadly virus for once and all.A video posted by AAP member Nagendar Sharma showed Mr Mehraulia, dressed in a kurta and accompanied by his band, standing on a street and singing the song, a spin-off to the popular Kishore Kumar number from the 1957 movie Aasha.Interesting awareness attempt to remove Covid 19 vaccine hesitancy.The Guitarist is young first time Dalit MLA @KumarMehraulia of Trilokpuri in East Delhi— Nagendar Sharma (@sharmanagendar) June 3, 2021All masked up, the band members warn people against believing rumours through their interpretation of the song: “Afwaaho pe tum mat jaana, corona ko hai jad se mitaana (don’t go by rumours, we have to beat corona from the roots)”.Elected to the Delhi Assembly in the 2020 polls, Mr Mehraulia, a former music teacher and first-time MLA, is using his talent to reach the people of his constituency, where mostly economically vulnerable people live and create a buzz at the grassroots level in favour of vaccination. He previously performed shows at hotels and other places.The MLA has retweeted several videos of his latest campaign in Trilokpuri and several people on the social media platform have praised his effort.Another AAP member, Aarti, tweeted another video of Mr Mehraulia and wrote “That’s How AAP MLA @KumarMehraulia is sending the message across to get #vaccinated.””इना-मीना-डीका, लगाओ भाई टीका”That’s How AAP MLA @KumarMehraulia is sending the message across to get— Aarti (@aartic02) June 3, 2021Even the AAP, on its official Twitter handle, appreciated the efforts of the legislator.”इना मीका डीका, लगवाओ भैया टीका” ????AAP विधायक @KumarMehraulia ने Guitar बजाकर Vaccination जागरूकता अभियान चलाया!— Aam Aadmi Party Delhi (@AAPDelhi) June 3, 2021Coolest way by AAP MLA @KumarMehraulia to encourage vaccination. ????????????— FinalWarAgainstCorruption (@FWACorruption) June 3, 2021Mr Mehraulia has said he was with his team in his office when it occurred to him that music can be a way of reaching people and encouraging them to get vaccinated. His team found the idea interesting and they launched the campaign.The Delhi government too has asked the residents of the national capital to ensure they get the vaccines proactively as soon as their turn comes.

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