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The waiter can be seen carrying food on multiple plates, all stacked up on a tray.For restaurants, providing excellent customer service is crucial as it can affect the entire business. So, restaurant owners use different methods to attract customers. The staff at the restaurant occasionally go above and beyond what is humanly possible to accomplish some amazing feats.One such performance by a waiter has left social media users surprised. The man is seen lifting more than a dozen plates at once to serve more customers in one go. Twitter users are calling for the waiter to be given a raise after the video of his incredible performance went viral online.The waiter can be seen carrying food on multiple plates, all stacked up on a tray.He then carries the entire load in one hand above his shoulder, making the feat look effortless despite the distance he travels with these plates in his hand.Now, this is a waiter that I would tip, I was worried for them plates bwoy !! 😂— Kemar (@TheNEWGURU) August 28, 2022Almost four million people have already watched the video, and are stumped by the waiter’s performance.At the same time, some users said that since the restaurant owner is profiting greatly from this man’s work, he ought to receive a pay increase as well.However, some users criticised the stunt, claiming that it should have been avoided and that a typical dish serving could have been completed in two to three visits.”He doesn’t need to do it this way. Just bring the orders out 3-4 plates at a time. It’s easier and prevents spectacular accidents en route. Who is he trying to impress? ” One user saidSome Twitter users expressed concern over the cleanliness of the food due to food contact with another plate’s bottom.Click for more trending news

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