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Internet users were shocked and didnt expect to see the trick.A bizarre video of a woman unlocking her phone using spit has taken the internet by storm. According to Daily Star, Mila Monet from Miami, US, shared the video last month, revealing her “hidden” talent. Flaunting her “skills” in a pub in front of her friends, Ms Monet kept her phone flat in her hand and started dropping her saliva onto the keypad. Watch the clip below: A girl using her spit to unlock her phone. ????— Public Outsider (@publicoutsider) April 25, 2022In the video, Ms Monet is seen spitting on six different numbers in order to unlock her phone successfully. She then looks up, beaming a smile, while wiping away at the corner of her mouth.One of her friends can even be heard yelling in disbelief: “What the F***?” Ms Monet, in a crowded venue with loud music playing, is then cheered on by the group of loud onlookers, who seemed impressed.Internet users, on the other hand, were shocked and didn’t expect to see the trick. They were quick to weigh in, with one saying, “she’s spitting facts…and passcodes”. Another, however, wrote, “I will never touch anyone else’s phone ever again”. “Her saliva is stronger than most relationships these days,” wrote third. Also Read | UK Man Who Drinks His Own Urine Daily Claims It Left Him Looking 10 Years YoungerIf this wasn’t bizarre enough, a man in the United Kingdom recently revealed that he drinks his own urine daily. Harry Matadeen from Hampshire said that after he began ‘urine therapy’, he felt a new sense of peace, calm and determination, following which he became an advocate for drinking your own urine. Moreover, he just doesn’t consume his urine but also massages it into his face as a moisturiser. “Drinking the aged urine has revitalized my face to its youthful years and when I rub it on my face, the difference is instant and obvious,” he claimed, adding that it has made him look 10 years younger.Click for more trending news

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