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The man repeats the act of spitting water on the clothes several times.Ironing helps remove crease from crumpled clothes. And to make it more effective, people sprinkle water on clothes to be ironed. But a video going viral on the internet shows a man taking it a step further and spitting water on garments while ironing them. It has been posted on Instagram and left social media users disgusted. They criticised the person, who appears to be old in the video, for his action. The place where the video has been shot is not known.The caption of the post says: “Natural water sprayer.”The video shows the elderly man sipping water from a tumbler while ironing clothes. He then spits the water onto a white shirt. The man repeats the action several times, sprinkling water on the sleeves of the shirt, then folding it and covering the entire piece of cloth.An old-fashioned coal-fired metal iron can be seen right next to him, suggesting that the man runs a professional ironing service.The clip has been viewed more than 16 lakh times and nearly 1.20 lakh users have liked it. Instagram users were shocked to see the man’s behaviour pointing out that a water sprayer is kept right next to him.”Triple H after retirement,” commented a user. “My man spraying corona,” said another.”Worst way to spoil the clothes,” one of the comments read.Users also claimed that the clip is from Pakistan. But in general, they were seen tagging their friends and asked them to be cautious while giving clothes for ironing.Click for more trending news

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