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The clip shows the confused sheep bleating as he pokes his head through a partition police vehicle.A video is going viral on social media where a lost sheep was taken back to its home in a police van in the United States.The Old Town Police Department officers responded to a complaint of a stray sheep in Old Town that had strayed from its flock and was wandering into someone’s property.According to a post shared by the department on Facebook on Wednesday, the officers received a call in the morning about the sheep.”Sheep goes for a ride in cruiser,” reads the caption of the post.”This morning we received a call of a sheep that wandered on to someone’s property. Sergeant Bailey and Deputy Chief Miller responded and were able to corral the sheep and direct him into the back seat of our police cruiser,” said the post.”DC Miller lives on a farm and has extensive experience handling farm animals. After a brief stroll around the neighborhood, they were able to locate the sheep’s home and return him to his owner,” it added.The clip shows the confused sheep bleating as he pokes his head through a partition in the cruiser. The officers can be heard laughing off camera.Since being shared, the post amassed hundreds of likes and shares. Numerous users gave funny remarks on the post.”Umm, I think he disagrees with the officer completely. I hope they read him his rights,” wrote a user.A second user said, “He was a baaaaaahd boy.””This is so funny must have watched it ten times,” wrote a third user.Click for more trending news

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