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As the black pug’s paws touch the snow, it makes an about turn and rushes inside the house.Pets love to go outside. There are many pet owners who regularly post updates about taking their dogs on long walk or playing with them outside. But one dog is creating a buzz on social media for refusing to go outside after heavy snowfall.The video shows the owner of the dog first dipping her feet in the snow to tell social media users about the conditions outside. Her dog then appears in the frame, wearing a red jacket.As soon as the black pug’s paws touch the snow, it makes an about turn and rushes inside the house.”This puppy wants to go out to play but it’s too cold outside,” reads the text super on the video. According to the credit given in the post, the video was originally posted on TikTok.Since being shared, it has received over 31.7 million views and more than 3 million likes.Users are delighted after watching the video and have surprised to saw the dog making such a funny flip.”Dude made a 180,” wrote a user. “He said, “Nope, nope, and nope”,” wrote another user.Recently a video, which showed three pet dogs and a cat getting ready for a family photograph, won hearts on the internet. The video showed the kitten not ready to pose and looking away from the camera.One of the pet canines, the elder of the three dogs, was seen approaching the kitten, holding her through the neck belt with its teeth and dragging her to the front. But, the stubborn cat again refused to look at the camera. So, the dog placed its hands on her trying to force her to pose for the family photograph.The video was originally posted by Strange Incident on YouTube two years ago but was again making the rounds on the internet. It was shared on Reddit by No Eagle.Click for more trending news

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