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Picture shows the cow appearing on the horizon with its one leg tied to the rope.A video is making the rounds on the internet showing a group of people risking their lives to save a cow from a mountain top. The viral video shows the rescuers standing in a line and pulling something using a long rope. One of them is close to the edge and is constantly seen peeking down the steep slope to see the condition of the cow. The video has appeared on Reddit and according to the conversation on the platform, the animal may have fallen off the hill while grazing grass or wandering around.Reddit user brownboispeaks, who posted the video, said it has been captured in Panvel, Maharashtra.People are attempting to pull the cow up the hill in the video. They can be heard pleading to God for strength while pulling the animal up.They succeed in their mission and towards the end of the video, the cow appears on the horizon with its one leg tied to the rope.Since being shared on Monday, the post has received over 16,000 up votes on Reddit and numerous comments. Apart from the daring rescue, the location too has appealed to Redditors.”What a breathtaking location,” wrote a user.Another user wrote, “It’s like something from fantasy, like lord of the rings.”Internet has numerous videos of animal rescue. A recent one showed rescue of a leopard from inside a well and leaving the place as soon as he is pulled out.Thevideowas shared last month by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter. In the caption, Mr Nanda noted that such incidents will reduce if wells around animal habitats are closed. He also took a dig at the old technique of rescuing the leopard and called it the “Mohenjo Daro Harappan technology”.Click for more trending news

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