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There is no dearth of interesting content on the internet. Be it a woman eating pie while skydiving or a man eating chicken for 40 days straight – we often encounter some strange food-related videos on the internet. Recently, another such video has caught the internet’s attention and has grabbed plenty of eyeballs online. A video from inside New York’s subway has surfaced online and has gone viral. This isn’t your usual subway ride – we can see people celebrating a Thanksgiving dinner inside the public train! Watch the full viral video of the New York subway here:New York is a special place— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 24, 2022(Also Read: Fancy A Dinner Inside An Igloo? This New York Restaurant Is Just What You’re Looking For)The clip was shared by user @Phil_Lewis_ on Twitter. The viral video has garnered over 1.5 million views and 66k likes since it was shared. “New York is a special place,” read the caption to the post.In the video, we could see a crowded subway train in New York. The interesting bit was how the riders had managed to set up a table full of delicious food for the occasion of Thanksgiving. “Tonight on the L train, we have food for everyone,” read the header text to the video. The L train also refers to the elevated train route of the New York Subway. The festival of Thanksgiving was marked all over the world on November 24, and a customary part of the celebrations is the delicious feast. In the feast’s New York subway edition, people were serving packed foods such as Mac and cheese, beans, pumpkin and more. People had even arranged disposable plates, tissue paper and shareable drinks as part of the Thanksgiving feast.The interesting yet surprising video got a plethora of comments from internet users. Many wanted to know how this Thanksgiving feast was arranged inside the New York subway. “Groceries are insanely expensive right now, so this is amazing. God bless the people who decided to do this,” said one user while another asked, “Why doesn’t this happen when I get on the L Train?”Take a look at the reactions:No hand washing, no kinda gloves being worn, too many random ppl breathing and hovering over the food..Just a germ feast— @IWannaQuitMyJobSoBad (@ropeuhdope2) November 24, 2022I’m aware everyone in NYC has stronger immune systems but even this is bold. 😅— stereotypical scorpio 🦂 (@_EricWashington) November 24, 2022I need to see the set up. How y’all got all that food there.— Koriand’r (@_soobydoo) November 24, 2022These are some high vibration plates.— O’neil (@pryceisright007) November 24, 2022It may or may not be up to code, but this is great. Thinking about people who have yo work or have no friends or family. This might’ve have been there only holiday gathering . ♥️— Lunii Junii (@JuniiLunii) November 24, 2022What did you think of the interesting video of the New York subway riders celebrating Thanksgiving inside the train with a dinner feast? Tell us in the comments below.Featured Video Of The DayPalak Paneer Chilla Recipe | How To Make Palak Paneer Chilla

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