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The girl was looking out of a window of the car when it moved and she fell on the ground.A terrifying footage has surfaced on social media that shows a little girl toppling out of the window of a car in China. The incident took place at a traffic intersection in Ningbo, a city in eastern China just south of Shanghai, according to South China Morning Post. The video shows that the girl, leaning out of the window from the back seat, accidentally fell out as the car starts moving. SCMP said that she was taken to a local hospital and sustained only minor injuries.The video of the shocking incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed at the traffic junction.Heights of Careless parents.#China – Child falls out of #car window in Ningbo, China.— Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) August 3, 2022It shows cars waiting in line at a red light, when the girl suddenly pops her head out of the passenger side window of a white car. As the traffic light turns green, the driver moves the car forward. That’s when the girl falls out of the window and lands on her belly at the zebra crossing.The driver appears to be unaware and pulls away. She appears shocked and keeps lying there crying until some motorists stop their cars to bring the girl back to safety.One of the locals reached the girl quickly and picked her up, leading her away from danger, as seen in the video.According to local news outlets, the good Samaritans contacted the police once the child was safe.Last month, another shocking footage showed a man in Brazil coming under a moving bus but managing to escape with only bruises.In the CCTV footage, the bus and the biker – who was wearing a helmet – are seen moving towards each other on a curve. Before even making contact with the bus, the man skids, causing him to fly off the bike and fall under the bus. He comes in contact with the wheel of the bus, head first, just as the vehicle pulls to a complete stop.Click for more trending news

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