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The video has gone viral and has given internet users a good laugh.In a hilarious incident, a dog escaped from baggage handlers and led them on a chase around the airport tarmac in Jalisco, Mexico. The great escape happened earlier this month at the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport in Mexico’s Guadalajara. The video, posted by ViralHog on its social media platforms, shows the baggage handlers running after the little pup that escaped from its crate in transport. While the pooch appears to think the whole thing is a game, the airport employees don’t seem to be amused as they had to chase the pup down and try to get him under control. It is still unclear how the dog got loose, whether he escaped from his cage which was ready for a plane, or whether he was a stray dog that got into the airport. However, according to TMZ, the baggage handlers were eventually able to capture the pooch without any injury. There were no reports of any kind of delay caused by the incident. Viral Video | Pet Dog Jumped From Window, Alert Owner Catches It Just In TimeThe video has gone viral and has given internet users a good laugh. While one user on YouTube wrote, “Legend has it that they’re still chasing the poor scared doggie,” another said, “He’s like “oh hell no I’m not getting on that plane ” imma afraid  of heights.” A third user even jokingly added, “He escaped to give the baggage handlers exercise.”Meanwhile, in another such incident, a dog recently shocked his owner by jumping from the man’s motorcycle and sprinting to the pavement. The pooch appeared to challenge his owner as he started running ahead of the motorbike.Viral Video | Dutch Singer Emma Heesters’ Rendition Of ‘Pasoori’ Wins HeartsAnother video of Great Pyrenees Maggie went wildly viral on social media as it showed the dog ‘helping’ her owner finish work. A while back a video of an energetic dog playing with his favourite toy – a brick – also took the internet by storm and left netizens amused. Click for more trending news

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