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Picture shows a chimpanzee carrying several oranges in the forest.Animal content videos abound on the internet, whether they are bizarre trends, adorable baby videos or animal videos enjoying freely in the wild.A video is amusing the internet which shows a chimpanzee carrying several oranges in the forest. His hands are full with the fruits but he still carries two more in each of his foot and one in his mouth as well. Despite having trouble walking, the ape manages to take all of the fruits with him.Shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Thursday, the caption reads, “Who can relate.”Who can relate? ????— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) July 7, 2022The video tremendously delighted the viewers, increasing the reach to almost 2.3 million in just one day. The video has received over 78,000 likes and has been shared by over 8,000 users.”Making one trip from the car w the groceries lol,” a user wrote in the comment section of the post.”Me when the shops are about to stop selling Mini Eggs again,” wrote another, while a third user said, “Elon Monk.”Chimpanzees are said to be very intelligent. They have often demonstrated a behaviour that’s closer to human beings.In a recent viral video, a chimp was seen feeding fish in a pond. The compassion shown by the chimpanzee had won many hearts on the internet. In the video, the chimp was observed sitting quietly near the pond with some food to feed the fish. He was seen feeding the fish with a handful of seeds and crumbs in the water.The fish were seen quickly coming at the surface taking the meal, and the chimp was then repeating the same process.The video was also shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter last month.Click for more trending news

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