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The picture depicts a ride with several children.The bond between two brothers is something that cannot be described in words. The relationship, emotions, and sentiments they share are all distinct.A video of two brothers is winning hearts all over the internet. It was shared by a page named The Monte Family on Instagram on June 17.”My brother’s keeper,” reads the caption.The viral video depicts a ride with several children; as the ride operator begins operating the ride and it starts moving, a baby boy can be seen crying. Soon as the ride operator put him alongside his brother, he stopped crying.The text super in the video reads, “My two-year-old wanted to sit by himself but started crying once the ride moved. So, the ride operator stopped the ride, and sat him with his brother instead. My 3-year-old consoled him and he stopped crying right away.”Since being posted, the video received over 2.5 lakh views and more than 13,000 likes so far.”Sweet of the operator. Hey he gave it try. Brave little guy,” wrote a user in the comment section, while another said, “What a great brother he is.”A third user commented, “”Aww sweet brother & thankfully attuned operator. Some people would just be like not my problem.”Videos of children are frequently shared on social media which are widely praised by the viewers.Recently, a video went viral on the internet which showed a little boy gently kissing a baby deer. The video was shared on Instagram on the occasion of International Kiss Day.Since being shared, the video received over 43,000 views and thousands of likes. Click for more trending news

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