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Many users were left baffled by the animal’s antics.In many ways, cats are chaotic and eccentric creatures. They might exhibit cuddly sweetness one minute and then become snobbish and haughty the next. Although some cat behaviours are funny or cute, others can be extremely strange. In one such unusual behaviour, a cat was seen imitating an electrician in a video that is doing rounds on the internet. In the video shared by internet user Madeyousmile on Twitter, a cat can be seen helping a man as it stretches its body to observe the ceiling and later on uses its paw to check the hole in the ceiling with the lighting wires exposed. The man is seen smiling at the feline’s antics as he tapes the wires. “Yep, looks good… now pull the wires through over here and we’re done” –Electricatian— Madeyousmile (@Thund3rB0lt) November 24, 2022The video has been captioned as, “Yep, looks good… now pull the wires through over here and we’re done” –Electricatian.” It was shared on November 25 and since being shared, it has amassed 1.3 million views and over a lakh likes. The clip also has over 20,000 retweets. Also Read: Adorable Cat Sits Patiently As It Gets A Haircut, Viral Video Wins HeartsMany users were left baffled by the animal’s antics. One user said, “It really looked like it was up to some serious electrical work. Lol.”A second user said, “To me cats are the most interesting creatures on this planet.””Hahahaha galbe the smartest electrician,” commented another person.”Hey mate; looks good!,” said a fourth user.Another person added, “I’ll happily hire him to do all work around the house..”Several users also called the animal “cute” and left heart emojis on the post. A few days ago, one such video of a cat comforting its owner went viral on social media. The short, eight-second showed a man visibly sad, with tears pouring down his eyes. Noticing the same, the pet cat climbs on his chest to comfort him. The feline creature looks at him, slowly places her little paw on his face and hugs him. Both of them then cosy up and snuggle together. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Rahul Gandhi Busy With Yatra, No Gujarat Vision”: Hardik Patel To NDTV

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