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Viral Video: Canadian Dancer Joins Indian YouTuber To Recreate 'Dola Re Dola' In Lehengas On New York Street 1
The video shows Jainil Mehta from India and Alex Wong, from Canada, dancing to the songAishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit’s iconic song ‘Dola re Dola’ from the movie Devdas still reigns supreme even after two decades. The song has attained cult status over the years and several people have tried copying the dance steps to recreate the same magic. Now, a video of an Indian and a Canadian man dancing gracefully to the song on the streets of New York has gone viral on social media, delighting users.The Instagram reel which has gone viral, shows Jainil Mehta from India and Alex Wong, from Canada, dancing to the Devdas song while wearing colourful lehengas. They were also seen barefoot, as they danced their hearts out to the peppy song. From acing the expressions to nailing the hook step perfectly, the dynamic duo impresses with their energetic and fun choreography.The caption to the video reads, “When two dancers ‘Dola’ together in New York City! RIP to our feet.” Watch the video here:Referring to the song, Mr Mehta also commented, “Who is the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Madhuri Dixit Nene here?”Social media users particularly Indians were thrilled to see the beautiful Indian dance in a foreign country. People were delighted to see the dance and dropped praises and emojis in the comment section. One user wrote, ”Love!! And I also love how completely unaffected the passersby are behind you. Such an NYC thing.”Another commented, ”That‘s my fav Bollywood movie, you guys nailed it!!” A third added, ”My country apparently doesn’t allow Instagram audio but even without audio I immediately knew you’re dancing to Dola Re Dola from Devdas. Love it!!”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Accused A BJP Member”: AAP Alleges Cover-Up After Woman Dragged By Car

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