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The elephant changes various positions to scratch itself.It is adorable to watch baby elephants learn new skills. In one such video doing rounds on the internet, a baby is seen scratching head-to-toe.The video was shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program in Kenya. In the video, the animal named Nyambeni, is seen scratching itself against the bark of a tree. The elephant changes various positions to scratch itself. It’s too cute to be missed. They captioned the post as, “She may be tiny, but Nyambeni already has life all figured out. Many infants need a helping hand with things that are second nature to adult elephants, like scratching an itch or mud bathing – but not Nyambeni! She tackles everyday tasks with a proficiency and passion that belie her young age. (For instance, this head-to-toe scratching session continued for a full five minutes!)”The video was shared a day ago and since then it has amassed over a lakh views and 18 thousand likes. “She is adorable and our baby, we all miss you and love you Nyambeni… God bless you and all your friends ” said one user.Another person added, “My baby love! One of my 3 adoptees. I just love her spunk and zest for life.””This organization is incredible, from the compassionate caregivers to the unique stories they provide for all of us regarding each individual elephant orphan they rescue,” commented another user.Also Read: Video Of Baby Elephant Stepping On Its Own Trunk Goes Viral”such a clever girl,” added another person.A user added, “No spot left unscratched… Smart Nyambeni!”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayPM Votes Today In Gujarat, Exit Polls At 6:30 pm

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