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The video of the baarat has gone viral on social media.The process of planning a wedding is as hectic as it gets and takes up months of time. Saying “yes” to the proposal seems like the easier part when you realise how much of a task wedding planning can be.So, it is very disappointing to see all your efforts wasted if a wedding is cancelled or postponed. The hosts do not want that to happen.This proved right in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, from where a video has emerged on Twitter showing a wedding continuing towards its destination despite heavy rain. The clip has become a hot topic of discussion on social media.This called pure #dedication#Barat#Indore 😂🤣— शैलेंद्र यादव (@ShailenderYadu) July 6, 2022It shows the baaratis using a large sheet of water-resistant material (called tarpaulin) to cover themselves while moving ahead. Some enthusiastic attendees are also seen dancing on the road, undeterred by the downpour.The procession is moving along with a wedding band, with its members belting out popular numbers.The video has been shared by many Twitter users and viewed thousands of times.”It happens only in India,” said a user. “No matter what the situation is, we will take the bride,” commented another.Other users discussed if there was a better way to organise the baarat. Some of them, however, hailed the spirit shown by the baaratis.Local media reports said that the wedding took place on Tuesday in the Pardesi Pura area of Indore. When the procession started, the weather was dry, but it started raining suddenly when it crossed half the distance.Looking at the intensity of the rain, a big tarpaulin as ordered, which the baaratis used to carry on with their journey, reports said.Click for more trending news

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