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A group of sea otters can be seen playing with ice cubes.A video is going viral on social media where a group of sea otters can be seen playing with ice cubes. While two of these adorable animals are rolling in a tub nearby, another tries to keep cool by placing the ice cubes on its body.They’re all mine.. ???????? Kristyn Plancarte— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) May 10, 2022The animal’s gesture will surely give relief to those who are reeling under heatwave-like conditions.The video was shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Monday with the caption: “They’re all mine.”The video has received over 30,000 likes and over 3.8 lakh views so far. The actions of the sea otters are quite adorable to watch in the video.Users have left heartfelt comments on the post.“Happiness of being yourself,” a user commented.“Idk why otters love ice so much, but who cares this is wholesome,” a second user wrote.“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen this year for sure,” a third user commented.Also Read | 1,000-Pound Great White Shark Ironbound Spotted Near US East CoastA few weeks ago, a one-day-old wild sea otter sleeping on its mother’s belly went viral on social media. The 36-second clip first appeared on Reddit and shows a mommy sea otter and her newborn snuggled up as they float on crystal-clear water.The baby otter looked perfectly comfortable in the warmth and safety.Otters are carnivorous mammals belong to the Lutrinae subfamily. Fish and invertebrates make up the diets of the 13 extant otter species, which are all semiaquatic, aquatic, or marine. Weasels, badgers, mink, and wolverines are all members of the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, badgers, mink, and wolverines. Click for more trending news

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