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The video has received more than 1 lakh viewsMusic is a universal language. It’s a form of communication that transcends space and time, touching the hearts of people and bringing them together. Proof of it was recently seen when an 8-year-old boy’s perfect rendition of a classical song on a train left passengers in awe.Sangitha Varier posted the video on Twitter with a caption that reads, ”A classical concert from the upper berth of a train! Sooryanarayanan of Chennai. Look at the bhaav. Speechless.”  According to the caption, the passengers were returning from the Kashi Tamil Sangamam in VaranasiWatch the video here:🚩 A classical concert from the upper berth of a train..!!#Kashi_Tamil_Sangamam !!Sooryanarayanan of Chennai…!Look at the Bhaav..! Speechless 👏 @KTSangamam 🚩— 🇮🇳 Sangitha Varier 🚩 (@VarierSangitha) December 20, 2022The video opens to show a young boy named Sooryanarayanan from Chennai singing a classical song while sitting on the upper berth of a train. As he crooned the lyrics perfectly, passengers from other compartments swarmed beside him to catch a glimpse of him performing and hear his melodious voice. People were seen recording the beautiful musical performance on their mobile phones while admiring his soothing voice. Since being shared, the video has received more than 1 lakh views, around 2100 retweets, and more than 9600 likes. Many users commented that even though they didn’t understand the lyrics, they found the talented boy’s voice captivating. One user wrote, ” I couldn’t understand a word but the child’s voice , rhythm, tone , control, and the feelings conveyed are superb. Jai Hind. Vande Matram. Jai Subhash.” Another commented, ” This kid is blessed. Music n Bhakti doesn’t need a medium to understand, it transfers from heart to heart.” A third wrote, ” Didn’t understand what he sang but it was divine feeling .. beautifully sung by this little boy.. God Bless Him.” A fourth added, ” Tremendous tallent ….wish a lots of success to you …. so sweet.” Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayRRR’s Naatu Naatu, Chhello Show, All That Breathes Shortlisted for Oscars 2023

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