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Social media is flooded with old Christmas photos from Ukraine.At a time when Christmas is quickly approaching and pictures of celebrations around the globe are all over the internet, Ukrainians can’t help but think back to a time when the festival illuminated Ukraine, its citizens, and its skyscrapers in the past, regretting today’s situation when the country is witnessing devastation all around.Several social media users have been uploading lovely old photos and videos on social media sites to reminisce about the good old times. One before and after image, however, which showed a theatre in the beautiful town of Mariupol, Ukraine, completely destroyed after the bombardment, stunned everyone.Both images were shared by one reddit user named “TheRealMykola” with the caption, “Mariupol during Christmas (2021-2022)”. The image earned 98% upvotes, and more than 150 users posted heartfelt comments.”Let us not confuse an army of evil with a simple army. This is what they do. Syrians have been warning about this from the beginning. Russia wants everyone to be a refugee so it can destroy Ukraine and flood friendly nations with refugees. This is how they do it,” commented one user.”For those that don’t know, it is written “children” in Russian. An estimated 300-500 people were using the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater as shelter,” wrote another user.”That’s what they’ve been doing now for 10 months. They’ve been targeting civilians, hospitals, and ambulances specifically. Their goal is the extermination of the Ukrainian people, state, and culture,” wrote the third user.Reacting to the sad contrast of the images, the fourth user wrote that “they actually expected people to believe they were there “liberating” Ukrainians. If they wanted to live under Russian rule, they would have moved to Russia. No one was held prisoner.”Featured Video Of The DayWatch: Delhi Cop’s Dance In Uniform Goes Viral, He May Face Action

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