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Hi, I am Chetan from India, and my nest is in Doon city. This article is all about Vigen products, not all. In this article, I’ll tell you about Hygiea Top and Top 8500 massager bed, which is the best for our body.  It will cost you around 1.75L (175000/-). I think after checking out the price, no one will think about buying it, but this machine is so capable that you will buy it for yourself and the sake of your family. 

I am using it for free because I have joined the Vigen India family. But I have a plan to purchase it.  So let’s go to the point why? Why?  I want to buy an expensive massager machine.  Let me tell you guys its not just a massager, and it has a Hygiea roller.

Now, what is Hygiea? 

Hygiea is a name in Greek and Roman Mythology. 

Hygiea was one of the Aeclepiadae, the sons and daughters of the god of medicine, Asclepius, and the goddess of healing, Epione.

I can say Vigen is a goddess of healing. In Vigen Medical, they have found a way to cure us of various problems. Like Top and Top 8500, it has a Hygiea roller and a heating element, which will help to maintain our body temperature.

Hygiea is a blend of natural products and with the help of biotechnology. Hygiea is made by combining of 19 types of natural minerals for the emission of spirit and energy. It is a system of combining mysterious minerals, which we didn’t know, but the Vigen Medical team has found it, and they did research and came up with a product and named it Hygiea (Healing Goddess). 

How does it work?  

You just have to lay down And let the Top and Top do the massage. 

It will give you a message from top to bottom.

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